Sunday, October 24, 2010

Well hello Mr Pathetic....

I have a bone to pick with some fellow homosexuals.
No, I am not referring to your little dick! So get that out of your head.

I have been out for a few years now, dated guys, been in long term relationships with others and of course fucked a few, just for the sake of fucking them.

In my years of dating, loving, and or fucking there has been some issues that I have seen with the gays and the way they push themselves on or try to get with guys that are already in relationships.

Call me Crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Saying things like....

"You're hot, to bad you have a boyfriend."
"If you and your partner ever split up, we should get together."
"We should fuck, your boyfriend will never know."

and the list goes on......


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Sorry if it feels like I am busting on your balls here, but that is exactly what I am doing. Why do guys/girls feels so compelled to make themselves available to someone who is not available. Especially when the person they are coming on to is in a healthy and happy relationship.

There are millions of single people out there, yet you want to try to sit on someones dick, who already loves and cares about someone. You are a shitty individual.

People say "well if the person in the relationship is really in love, they won't do anything." and I have a problem with that. YOU should NOT offer up your asshole, cunt, mouth or any other orifice to someone who already has someone. Or are you really that desperate to try to make two people miserable by splitting them up? And even if you succeeded in doing so, do you not think that if some other fuck comes along and offers your man, that you just stole, a life altering blow job, that he won't take it from them? Are you that fucking stupid? And if you aren't looking for anything more then just sex, why can't you find the hundreds of others on sex hook up sites that don't want relationships and are more than willing to offer you up a piece of cock for just a few short hours?

Now, if someone in a relationship approaches you and puts themselves out there.. that is still wrong, but an entirely different story. They obviously don't care about their "spouse" and even though you should still respect others relationships, who the fuck cares if they don't respect it themselves.

It comes down to this, would you, if you were in love with someone..... want some other person trying to seduce or offer themselves up to your mate? Think about it for a minute, the answer, if you are any type of sane person would be OF COURSE NOT! So why would you do that to others?

Get a grip.. a real firm grasp... of COMMON FUCKING SENSE --- You douch bag. Find your own god damn man.... and maybe.. just maybe you will be able to have a lasting relationship!

*Note -- This is in no way referring to my status updates and the craziness that goes on with them, I know its fun to joke around and I bring a lot of what is said On myself with my perverted rantings.. but I should NEVER receive nor should my partner, a private email in any form, of letting us know that you would love to be the reason to break up our relationship.

Actually NO ONE in a healthy relationship should be getting those sort of emails.

It's alright to tell someone their cute, hot, attractive, adorable..but anything much more than that is starting to cross lines, that you know your bitch ass wouldn't want someone crossing with you.



Questions --

1. Have you ever experienced this while in a relationship and what did you do?

2. If you walked in on your boyfriend cheating, what action would you take?

3. Don't ya just hate dick cheese?


  1. To answer your qustions: 1) No...haven't had a long term relationship (unless you count my cats)..just long term FWB's;
    2) Leave..quickly. 3) Depends entirely upon the dick it comes from...

  2. 1)Yes, I have. Honestly? I laughed at the little ho-bag. :) (And thankfully, so did my bf.) 2)Went into the kitchen to make coffee and waited for him to either finish up and leave, or rush out to grovel and beg for forgiveness.. He did the latter. It was satisfying. 3) *Shudders* Ugh...

  3. 1. Yes, I dumped his ass like a hot potatoe. Funny thing once he was single again the guy he was fucking around with didn't want anything to do with him. 2. Go get the fire extinguisher go back in and shut em down. Can't have sex if you can't breath now can you. HA! 3. EWW

    The reason this happens is people want what they can't have. And when you are in a relationship you are twice as appealing cause they can't have you. So it makes them want you more. Hence the delema.

  4. 1. Yay. I would giggle and laugh them off. But my boyfriend at the time would get worked-up when it happened to me.
    2. Dump him.
    3. Yuck! *gag*

  5. 1.)Before my husband and I were married, but after 6 years together and 2 kids, we had a neighbor who was infatuated with him. I didn't realize it at first but the poor thing was stupid enough to flirt with him in front of me while I was drinking vodka. Let's just say, after jail time, aggravated assault charges, and her becoming the neighborhood whore who got her ass kicked....She left us alone and moved out of our neighborhood about 3 months later.

    2.)In all honesty, I'm not sure. Depends on where(in my bed would be cause for an ass whoopin. Hell,in my home would be cause) But I think if I caught him cheating after 17 years together, I would probably walk away and not look back.

    3.)Eww Matt...always with the gross questions. I like dick cheese about as much as you really want to lick a period pussy. lmao ;)

    I also agree with Trent. My husbands best friend tried vehemently to 'get my goodies' in an affair type fashion, get me to leave my husband for him, give him the goodies just once, and ultimately tried to convince me he was deeply in love with me, all nonstop for 14 years. The only thing that caused him to stop is that he disappeared 3 years ago and is presumed dead. No matter how convincing he was with the loving me part, I still believe that he only wanted 'Jessie's Girl'.

  6. 1) Yes, I have had that actually happen, a few times actually. I have never acted on anything like that in any relationship. I usually just ignore them and change the subject. 2) My ex of almost 5 years cheated on my in our home, in our bed, while I was sleeping across the hall (long story). Though I didn't physically see it, I still left his ass. 3) Umm.. oh hell naw.. and to think I WAS about to eat some breakfast. Thanks a lot Matt! LOL

  7. Sorry Mr. Kansas + others, I hate to be so blunt here, but - the reason the offenders try this is because most of the time, it works. I'm not saying you, specifically, but you'll be hard pressed to find a couple where at least one "spouse" isn't hanging out on some m4m site "just looking at picutres" or "just looking for friends". Or just "harmlessly" flirting on facebook.
    If you truly want this to stop, take responsibility for yourselves -- stay off the meat sites and stop posting provocative half-naked, shirtless pictures on the internet. Otherwise, folks are just asking for it.

  8. 1. OK honey let me say this, I have been in the SAME relationship for 16 years and I have seen it ALL!! LOL!! Yes it has happened to me, and it has happened to my BF. It is a fact of gay life, I have done it, and my BF has done it. It happens. See SEX is SEX however LOVE is LOVE there is a distinct difference, I have sex with other people I make love to my BF!

    2. Join in!! No but seriously this happens as well. TALK and COMMUNICATE!! Those are the two most important things in a relationship!! Just beware that it is not a continuous happening, if so you should really evaluate your relationship, and you sex life with your BF.

    3. Hmmmmm, it depends on.....I'll just leave it at that!! :-)

  9. Sadly, YES, it is just a terrible experience that I DO NOT want to ever re-live. EFFIN OOHTIN SLUTTY TROLLISHMANWHORE!!! I hope he sees this and gets CROTCHROTT..I BUSTED HIS ASS AND PUT IT OUT WITH THE REST OF THE TRASH!!!

    SOME BODY'S GONNA GET HURT/KILLED. I was trained in TACTICAL MANOUVORS while I was enlisted as a SC in the US NAVY. I can kill a man with only an index finger.


  10. zOMG, u're fuckin hilarious! you should get on twitter and tumblr!!