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A Recipe:
For a Good Time


3 Condoms

It's important to start with three. This ensures that
if one breaks there is a backup and a third just
in case you want to go for round two.

1 Bottle of Lubrication

Make sure that you have plenty on hand. No
need in starting to fuck and before you know
it the bottle is empty and their assholes are bone dry

1 Erect Penis

*Note to Myspace. These are massagers. Not actual penises. They are only being used for demonstration purposes.

Or 3

(if you are feeling extrememly horny)

Make sure that the penis is large enough to fit your fuck hole. If it is to small you may not feel intense pleasure and will be waisitng your time. So please make sure you find a big dick, or have a tight hole.

And last but DEFINETLEY not least.

YOUR Rectum

Yes, this recipe calls for your hole.

Once you have all your items together, you will be ready to start.

Step 1 - Blow, Stroke, or beat -- the fuck out of the cock/cocks til they are good and firm.

Step 2 - Remove comdom/condoms from wrappers and place over the dick/dicks.

Step 3- Put Lube on the condom and slap some on the outter shell of the rectum. Putting some on your finger and shoving it in your man pussy is helpful also.

Step 4 - Lay back and spread your legs as wide as possible.

Step 5 - Insert their cock into the poophole.



Step 7 - CUM.

Step 8 - Repeat if desired.

And there you have it. A very simple reciepe for a good time.

Alright everyone.. .


And here is an old video of mine.. to help those out with the PAIN of anal sex.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Well hello Mr Pathetic....

I have a bone to pick with some fellow homosexuals.
No, I am not referring to your little dick! So get that out of your head.

I have been out for a few years now, dated guys, been in long term relationships with others and of course fucked a few, just for the sake of fucking them.

In my years of dating, loving, and or fucking there has been some issues that I have seen with the gays and the way they push themselves on or try to get with guys that are already in relationships.

Call me Crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Saying things like....

"You're hot, to bad you have a boyfriend."
"If you and your partner ever split up, we should get together."
"We should fuck, your boyfriend will never know."

and the list goes on......


motivate-drumroll.gif Drum Roll image by purplerita


Sorry if it feels like I am busting on your balls here, but that is exactly what I am doing. Why do guys/girls feels so compelled to make themselves available to someone who is not available. Especially when the person they are coming on to is in a healthy and happy relationship.

There are millions of single people out there, yet you want to try to sit on someones dick, who already loves and cares about someone. You are a shitty individual.

People say "well if the person in the relationship is really in love, they won't do anything." and I have a problem with that. YOU should NOT offer up your asshole, cunt, mouth or any other orifice to someone who already has someone. Or are you really that desperate to try to make two people miserable by splitting them up? And even if you succeeded in doing so, do you not think that if some other fuck comes along and offers your man, that you just stole, a life altering blow job, that he won't take it from them? Are you that fucking stupid? And if you aren't looking for anything more then just sex, why can't you find the hundreds of others on sex hook up sites that don't want relationships and are more than willing to offer you up a piece of cock for just a few short hours?

Now, if someone in a relationship approaches you and puts themselves out there.. that is still wrong, but an entirely different story. They obviously don't care about their "spouse" and even though you should still respect others relationships, who the fuck cares if they don't respect it themselves.

It comes down to this, would you, if you were in love with someone..... want some other person trying to seduce or offer themselves up to your mate? Think about it for a minute, the answer, if you are any type of sane person would be OF COURSE NOT! So why would you do that to others?

Get a grip.. a real firm grasp... of COMMON FUCKING SENSE --- You douch bag. Find your own god damn man.... and maybe.. just maybe you will be able to have a lasting relationship!

*Note -- This is in no way referring to my status updates and the craziness that goes on with them, I know its fun to joke around and I bring a lot of what is said On myself with my perverted rantings.. but I should NEVER receive nor should my partner, a private email in any form, of letting us know that you would love to be the reason to break up our relationship.

Actually NO ONE in a healthy relationship should be getting those sort of emails.

It's alright to tell someone their cute, hot, attractive, adorable..but anything much more than that is starting to cross lines, that you know your bitch ass wouldn't want someone crossing with you.



Questions --

1. Have you ever experienced this while in a relationship and what did you do?

2. If you walked in on your boyfriend cheating, what action would you take?

3. Don't ya just hate dick cheese?

Thursday, October 14, 2010



High School -- It fucking sucked. No Joke about that. It sucked so bad that I dropped out my Freshmen year. I was a good student, believe it or not. My grades never fell below B's and for the most part I got along with a lot of the teachers, I just wasn't any sort of trouble maker.

It was those who decided that since their lives weren't the best, they wanted to help make mine even shitter then it already was.

I attended Clearwater Elementary, Clearwater Middle School, and then Clearwater High School From the age of 6 - 16. The District is quite small, the time I attended, the average number of graduates for a class was between 70-90. And the majority of students there start in the 1st grade and end up graduating. So I grew up with these people.

I think that is what helped me from ever getting beat up in school, to be honest. But it sure as fuck didn't stop the torment I would get.

Not everyone harassed me... they found it easier to just pretend like I didn't exist, which that hurt to, but I would prefer that over being called a faggot ANY day.

Middle school is when it started, the name calling that is, and of course a few pushes and shoves every now and then. But it wasn't too bad. Then, High School came, and with highschool, it seemed that as if people would have gotten smarter, but when they walked through the doors of Highschool for the first time they lost any brain cells that they had.

For 6 months there were about 6 or 7 guys that liked to be really shitty to me. Faggot was their favorite word, if I was within a 10 ft span of them. Pushing me around and talking down to me was just what they did best. I tried to look at it as if they were just pathetic and that their lives must suck, but it hurt. I didn't want to be gay, because I didn't want to be treated so badly, hell I never even said I was gay. they just decided that I was, and because they decided it, it was so, and that it was time to treat Matt like a Piece of shit.

One former classmate, finally pushed me to the edge of dropping out. As I sat in my acting class, waiting for the teacher to get to class, Jordan Thome began to talk his normal shit to me that he loved so much to do. I never really understood why he found it thrilling, but he did.. so sure enough he made it a point. This particular day was pretty rough though, it was a time that I actually stood up for myself and thought maybe it would end after that.


I told myself after that, if one more person called me a faggot, I was done with school.

Two weeks later... I went to the office, and told them to call my mom cause i was done with this hell hole and I am dropping out. That is what I did.

My mother was pissed.. I didn't even tell her why exactly I was dropping out. I was to ashamed. I was hurting and I needed to get away from it.

Now -- lets fast forward many years later.

Jordan Thome, the classmate that I so despised and have always thought in the back of my mind as nothing more then a piece of shit, had a horrific loss. I was friends with his sister, many years after high school and she gave me devastating news that his 19 month old daughter had passed away from a form of brain cancer.

I felt really sad that a innocent child had lost their life, I felt sympathy for my friend that had just lost her niece, but as far as Jordan, I still in my mind thought he was a horrible person.... and for a brief second, I had a HORRIBLE thought. I thought for just one second.... "KARMA" but that thought went away really quickly. I felt pretty shitty for even having a thought like that. It made me no better then him, and honestly... no matter how horrible someone treats you or anyone else for that matter.. the last thing they deserve is for their child to be ripped away from them.

Now, I did feel that a good kick to his balls was much deserving.

Recently a former teacher was posting a link asking for people to vote for something. I clicked it and it was a foundation set up in honor of Jordan's daughter Kyrie to get funding for Brain cancer that is taking the lives of so many precious children.

Instantly I voted. I then had to make the decision to try to help get votes. I know I can reach a LOT of people, and knew I would be able to help, but since it was tied to Jordan, i really had a problem with it at first. At that time I opted not to spread the word.

I went to bed that night and it was on my mind.. How shitty I was. Because this had nothing to do with what had been done to me in the past. This had to do with helping children. Precious children that deserve to live their lives. Children that had never hurt anyone before, that are getting a disease and leaving this Earth far to young.

The next day I made an Event Invite on Facebook and sent out 1000's of request to help with votes. Within two days I helped, the Kyrie foundation, go from 28th place to 16th. I am not saying I am responsible for that happening, but I think many of the votes that I sent their way sure did help!

If this foundation can make it in the top 2 on the Pepsi Web site, $250,000 will be granted to this organization.

And I want to see this happen. I want to do my part in spreading the word to everyone, WE CAN make a difference. Even if this helps save ONE child! It will be worth it.

YOU CAN HELP!!! Just by voting. Its really simple!!

1.Go to the Pepsi web page..

2. Click the VOTE button on the right.
(it will ask you to sign up with email, but you can by pass that by just clicking the connect with facebook, but once you do that you need to make sure to click the VOTE icon again to make sure it registers your vote.)

3. VOTE EVERY DAY till the 31st,

That's it. We can make this happen everyone!!! Lets help give hope to all those little children out there who are fighting to survive.

Idea Image

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I'm Lovin' it MY WAY!

I'm Lovin' it MY WAY!

As many of you know, I happen to be in love with Cheeseburgers. I think they are one of the best things life has to offer, right behind anal sex! And we all know anal sex is OH SO MMMMMM ... hell I feel like shoving my over sized cock in a tight little rectum just thinking about it. While eating a cheeseburger... HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, this is not to offend all fast food workers, but and yes there is always a but, some of those mother fuckers are just stupid as crack whore who offers a uniformed office a blow job for 5 bucks.

I just don't get it. How fucking hard is it to read a monitor that says NO MOTHER FUCKING ONIONS??? Really. When I order my food a certain way.. that is the way I should get it. I know people make mistakes, and if it happened just ONCE in a great while I would understand, but its ALL THE FUCKING TIME! GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!!!

So... I have made a decision. If it happens one more time, I am NO LONGER going to....

Hmmm Don't you EVEN think I was going to say "stop going". I wont ever do without my $1 dollar McDouble! HELL NAH!

What I am going to do is teach the bitch a lesson....

Next time My McDouble has Onions.. the bitch better watch herself cause this is what is gonna happen...


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asdfWhat time is it?

animated clock

It's time to




Ok. Here is the scenario: It's a drunken night at the bar... there have been three guys hitting on you all night and they want to take you home and fuck the holy shit out of you. (Well, lets hope you douche first so there is no actual shit left behind on the sheets.) Each guy wants you to himself... there is not going to be any three ways..four ways going down. Just YOU and ONE of these men. They are all different types, but each posses one quality another doesn't have.

Guy # 1

He has the face and the body that you consider your "DREAM GUY" in the "looks" department but he has a VERY small dick. The guys is also a TOP ONLY. There will be no assaulting his anus. (so dont try cheating)

So basically he would look something (but insert him with what your dream guy looks like)

ANd his cock.. well it looks a little something like this.....

GUY # 2

Guy two isn't the hottest guy to look at... he isn't your type, but he has one of the nicest dicks you will ever have shoved deep up in your man cunt. He will hit your prostate with each stroke and make you cream without even touching your cock.

He looks a little something like this....

(I know this guy isnt bad looking.. so use yoru imagination! LOL)

But his cock.............

Guy # 3

This guy should be at the Bingo hall and not at the gay bar, but none the less he is there and ready to put every inch of his 80 year cold deep within your rectal walls. This might not sound like such a great idea, but if you do the deed with him you will not only be walking away with that OLD PERSON smell and dusty cum shooting out of your ass, but you will also be walking away with $5000.00.


So there are your choices for the night. Just remember you are VERY VERY drunk and you do in fact plan on going home and letting one of these men FUCK YOU TILL YOU BLEED... .so dont give me that.. NONE of the above bullshit. PICK ONE BITCHES!!!

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There has been many times that people have asked me. Is having anal sex safe? Will it ruin your asshole? Will your shit just fall out?

The answer....

But that is if you are only taking smaller things up your ass



FRUITS AND VEGTABLES (excluding Melons)

Small to Medium things around the house

So as you see, these are all smaller items that can be shoved up that shit hole that wont let your asshole fall out in further time. So have at... shove all these things up your ass and don't have that worry on your mind that you will be wearing depends by the time you are 30.
They will keep that rectum look TIGHT and SWEET for those who want your BROWN EYE TREAT!

Now.. On the other hand. There are things that you might want to reconsider when finding the next thing that will go up your fuck hole....

Such as..

Sex Toys that take more than one hand to carry.


(Bowling Pin)

and Last but not least.





Now if you decide to against my advice and shove ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can find up your MAN CUNT, then dont be bitching when you go to far and a couple brown logs fall out your hole..

So keep shoving those things up there and one day you will have your very own Grand Canyon for ALL to EXPLORE

And then... You will even be able to do magic tricks with your anus..

Like.. You know... Pushing the inner linings of it out for everyone to see!!!

Go Ahead.. Give them their Rosebud.

So there you go! Another Questioned answered by the all knowing of the anus.. MATT KANSAS!!!!



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What would you do if a guy pulled his cock out and it looked like this? Would YOU demand he bottom? Or would you try to take every last inch of it??

Hey! I have a big favor to ask of everyone also.. it takes like 30 seconds to do and would be a HUGE help. You need to be on facebook to help out so if you dont have a facebook account.. nevermind.

My boyfriend entered a contest on the Binaca Breath spray facebook page. He has a chance to win and Apple IPAD. Whoever has the most likes on their pic when the contest ends on the 20th of this month wins! He is in the lead right now and we gotta keep him there.

To vote is simple.

1st - Just go to Binaca Facebook page and "LIKE" thier fan page.

Then Go to his picture uploaded on their page and "LIKE" his photo.

Here is the link to his picture.

That's all it takes.. and you could help us out to win!!!

Thank you so much for those who take a moment to do this for me..