Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm Lovin' it MY WAY!

I'm Lovin' it MY WAY!

As many of you know, I happen to be in love with Cheeseburgers. I think they are one of the best things life has to offer, right behind anal sex! And we all know anal sex is OH SO MMMMMM ... hell I feel like shoving my over sized cock in a tight little rectum just thinking about it. While eating a cheeseburger... HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, this is not to offend all fast food workers, but and yes there is always a but, some of those mother fuckers are just stupid as crack whore who offers a uniformed office a blow job for 5 bucks.

I just don't get it. How fucking hard is it to read a monitor that says NO MOTHER FUCKING ONIONS??? Really. When I order my food a certain way.. that is the way I should get it. I know people make mistakes, and if it happened just ONCE in a great while I would understand, but its ALL THE FUCKING TIME! GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!!!

So... I have made a decision. If it happens one more time, I am NO LONGER going to....

Hmmm Don't you EVEN think I was going to say "stop going". I wont ever do without my $1 dollar McDouble! HELL NAH!

What I am going to do is teach the bitch a lesson....

Next time My McDouble has Onions.. the bitch better watch herself cause this is what is gonna happen...


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  1. The whole thing was EPIC, Matt. I like the first paragraph and your warning w/the video the most tho :)

  2. My poor husband gets fuckin' cheese on his McDouble constantly. I tell him to just pull up to the fucking red line because it's going to have cheese on it, even though the screen said NO CHEESE! Grrrr, we feel your pain, and they do need they ass whooped!

  3. This gave me a much needed laugh...thank-you!!!

  4. Nice post. I always enjoy reading them. I agree, they need a good ass kicking or something to put some sense into them.

  5. I said i want my nuggets BITCH :P