Sunday, September 5, 2010


What would you do if a guy pulled his cock out and it looked like this? Would YOU demand he bottom? Or would you try to take every last inch of it??

Hey! I have a big favor to ask of everyone also.. it takes like 30 seconds to do and would be a HUGE help. You need to be on facebook to help out so if you dont have a facebook account.. nevermind.

My boyfriend entered a contest on the Binaca Breath spray facebook page. He has a chance to win and Apple IPAD. Whoever has the most likes on their pic when the contest ends on the 20th of this month wins! He is in the lead right now and we gotta keep him there.

To vote is simple.

1st - Just go to Binaca Facebook page and "LIKE" thier fan page.

Then Go to his picture uploaded on their page and "LIKE" his photo.

Here is the link to his picture.

That's all it takes.. and you could help us out to win!!!

Thank you so much for those who take a moment to do this for me..


  1. He bottom but I try a bj

  2. I'd suck on that fucker! If it's real I could give him the best he could ever expect!

  3. Ummm...I'd have to say a big NO on this one..I'd lick it/love it/slick it, but up me arse?? Never!!!!!!

  4. I'd take it all... would love for him to make me squeal