Saturday, July 25, 2009

Work It Out! Get Thin or Muscular

Work It Out

I personally am not big into exercise, even though I wish was. I have tried, I have bought exercise tapes to follow along with at home, have joined a gym or two, and last I have tried a few of those get ripped quick schemes. I want to have a healthy body.. I want some muscles.. I just don't want to work for it.

There is one form of exercise that I can't get enough of. That method comes in the form of sex! What is better than getting to enjoy exercise? Working up a sweat and having some hard core ass banging sex! What a sweet deal. I think somehow if we could get an exercise machine that incorporated sex.. oh.. wait..

Joy Rider Fuck Machine

They do!! The Joy Rider Fuck Machine. Yes people! This is an actual contraption. And for the low price of $795.00 it can be all yours. Just think while you are working, flexing, and straining on your new gym equipment you can be getting your fuck hole plowed all at once. How Fucking Ingenious!! While you are squeezing your hole make sure you squeeze your abs. The harder and faster you rock.. the tighter your abs will become all while coming to an extreme orgasm.

No more of the days of working out being so difficult and boring. Nothing can really be boring if you have a cock in your hole.. right???

Now I know some of you do not have the budget for such a lavish piece of gym equipment.. so there is an alternate method you can take..

The Pogo Stick Fuck Machine

There it is. The POGO FUCK Stick. This one comes in at the low low price of just $139.00. Not only will this fuck your orifice.. tighten your abs.. build core muscles.. but it will also help in building your agility!! When you need a work out.. or a good ramming of the cunt.. you just hop on this son of a bitch and work it out!

NO MORE EXCUSES! No more laying around and being a slob. No more days of - exercise is boring. With these two products we should begin to have thinner and more built Americans.



  1. I used to love to work out, then I stopped for a few years, I recently tried to start up again and I just aint feeling it anymore! I need to get motivated because I'm getting a little flabby in places that I wasn't flabby before! lol =)

  2. You know the funny part is that I was ACTUALLY looking for an ab machine?! hahahahhahah!!! I've been doing exercise lately and I need to get some fit abs cuz all I'm working are my limbs! Well now I have a way ... shiiiiittt hahahhahahah Love ya!
    -Dalia (is awesome)

  3. Well Liddy.. If you wanna start motivating each other lets do it! I need some abs!

  4. I know its a sad commentary on my love life but...I stared at the first picture for a long time, trying to figure out how to use it...=~(

  5. LOL Now that would be a fun workout!

  6. hey LOL what a fun sexy workout. Actually i have been using blogger more these days also because i like to check out adult sites and so blogger got good porn movies on it embedded

  7. damn "she rode me like a pogo stick HAHAHAHA i still have not forgot that line :P don't forget to subscribe to my blogs pretty boi

  8. LMAO... you a fuckin' nut. But I love ya. I've been working out for a couple months now, but I haven't been as "faithful" to it as I should be. I can't go to the gym too much because of my commute time from work (can't have the kid not getting home until 8 then having to go to bed at 9... not right) so I've been working out at home, and I get bored. So, Thursday night I went out and bought a step bench and some weights to change up my routine... however - had I known about that little contraption up there... uhhh, I would have used my visa differently. LMAO

  9. hhaha Kristin! Well now at least if you get bored again. you know!!

  10. hahahaha.....

    Excellent workout solutions!
    That chair was actually in the movie "Burn After Reading". One of the characters was building it in his garage as a present for his lover (I think it was George Clooney)and you have no idea what he is building until very late in the movie & that dildo pops out!


  11. Puts exercising in a "hole" new prespective!! LOL
    -Marie Sparacio