Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My brother and sister in-law went to bed around 10 but told the kids they could finish watching their movie if they promised to go to sleep right after it ended. Of course they agreed. My nephews are 10 and 5.. Bryce and Caleb.

Before the movie ended Caleb, the 5 year old crashed smooth the fuck out on the floor without a pillow or blanket. I figured once the movie was over I would pick him up and carry him to his bed.

I looked over into the living room and I seen Bryce getting up off the couch, I was gonna ask what he was doing but I just let him go to see what he had up his sleeve. He walked over to the chair and grabbed a blanket, he than walked over and spread it out over his little brother. He than got a pillow off the couch, lifted up his sleeping brothers head and placed it under his head. Then, the sweetest thing. He gave his brother a kiss on the forehead and whispered "Goodnight, Caleb. I love you".

It almost brought a tear to my eye. Not because it was sweet.. but because of how much these two remind me of me and my brother. My brother has these two sons and its funny how much people say these two kids remind them of me and my brother when we were little... not only the actions but also the physical appreance.

My brother though is only a year younger than me, but he was so little and scrawny that he looked 5 years younger than me. He was blond hair, blue eyed. I was brown haired, hazel eyed. Here is a picture of us when we were 5 and 6

Now here are his two.

Now there were rarely sweet moments like I told you about between my brother and I like I talked of above.. I am sure there were some that I do no remember, but what I do remember is not pleasant.

I actually hated my brother as a kid. Basically I was very jealous of him. I won't go into a lot of detail with that, but it makes me sad that I felt this way towards him for so many years.

My brother also LOVED to torment me. To this day I still fucking hate the smell of peanut butter becuase of this shithead. He would HOLD ME down after eating his PB&J and breath that retched rank peanut butter breath in my face. I would start bawling and almost begin to puke! Then another one of his favorite things to do to me was hold me down and let his spit drip down almost to my face and right before it dropped he would suck it back up... UGH!!!!!!!!! It still grosses me out thinking about it. There were a few times that I wasn't so lucky and the shit actually dropped on my face. My brother also thought it was fun to constantly lick his finger and stick it in my ear. It was if he couldn't even walk by me without bothering me. He was really a fuck face.

A day came when I finally started to love my brother. He is actually someone I would do anything in the world for. I know the same comes from him.

Though we didn't have a fantastic brotherly love as kids, I am so thankful that he is my brother now. When the good Lord above was handing out siblings I must say that I really am glad that it was him I was handed.. even if I couldn't stand him as child.

I never thought it would be this way. When I hear stories about people fighting and hating their siblings it always breaks my heart. They just don't realize how much love they are missing out on by letting stupid shit stand in the way of a good realtionship. My hope is that everyone can be as lucky as me and get over the jealousy they have towards their siblings and learn to love them.

A bigger hope is that my two nephews that remind me so much of my brother and I always have a great relationship and that they know they always have each other. If I ever hear one of them say they hate the other I am going to knock the shit out of them and make them hear the story of their dad and their uncle Matt.

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