Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rest in Peace, Tiller

I arrived in Wichita safely, around 11:30 am. I step off the plane.. walk to baggage claim and stand and wait for my oversized suitcase to come roaming around the rotating conveier belt. As I was standing and waiting I over heard a lady telling her friend who was also on my flight, "I just heard on the radio that someone has tried to kill Dr. Tiller again."

I was like woah! Again. Damn.

For those of you who have no clue who Dr George Tiller is, he is one of the very few abortion doctors in the United States that will perfom late term Abortions. Due to this he has been in and out of the news since I have been a kid.

George Tiller - Hit-Man specializing in babies up to birth
Dr Tiller

When I was just a little shit I recall the time that someone tried to blow up his office building. This is when he started to gain national attention for his clinic here in Wichita, Ks. This did not stop him from proceeding with his work.

Then in 1993 Rachelle Shannon fired two rounds at Dr Tiller as he was making is way into his clinic. She was there to protest Tiller and his Clinic.

Tiller has endured a lot more then these two things. These were two most severe cases. I have drove by his Wichita clinic about 2000 times in my life and have seen countless numbers of protest at his clinic.

These people would be peaceful at times, just holding their signs at passing out pamplets to those who were trying to enter his clinic. There were those times though, that it would get very nasty. His clinic has been vandelized numerous times. People felt that if they put fear in his heart, or those who tried to use his services that it would bring it to a crashing hault. It never did.

Then Sunday morning as Dr Tiller was at Church a man walked up to George Tiller, put a gun to his head, and pulled the Trigger. Tiller was killed almost instantly.

Everyone in Wichita knows the name Tiller. His clinic has been one of the most controversial providers of abotions since he opened and began helping femals end unwanted pregnancies.

Though, it was rare to see him out and about. I met Tiller once. It was very brief. He seemed like a rather pleasant person. Not someone I would ever take my rage out on just because I may not agree with his late term abortion policies.

Dr. George Tiller is dead. No longer can he perform another abortion. But what does this prove? What is it going to change? Did this gun man send a strong message.

I understand that people do not agree with abortion. We have laws people. If you feel that you do not like somehting, or have a strong disposition against it, then you fight for your right with the laws. You do not take a gun and blow someones brains out.

Abortion protestors are EVIL! They will stop at nothing, even killing someone to get THEIR point across. I am all for freedoms. I am all for taking a stand, but when you are taking a stand in such an vile way you are no better than the people you are targerting.

I am honestly one of those fence sitters on Abortion. I wish it wouldnt be needed, but I do see the need. I have blogged about this already so i wont go in to much detail about what I feel, but regardless... I think if these protestors are in much need of some TACT.

I want to thank Dr George Tiller for the service he provided to many woman who felt they had no other options but to abort. I want to thank him for risking and giving his life to help those who may have harmed themselves in risking a self abortion.

The man did not deserve this. I am sorry.

This was the 4th Abortion Doctor whom as been shot and killed. I am sure he wont be the last. But all this is going to do is drive up the cost of Abortions.. its not going to end it.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Tiller family.. They lost your husband, father, friend.. because of others ignorances. God Bless.

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