Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I ♥ My Family

Family, Tears, and Laughter

I hate being serious. No. Seriously. It's just not me... even when times are tough I got to be a nut. I will fight back the tears.. even when they want to fall and try to make those around me laugh. Laughter is the one thing that I KNOW will lift up the spirits. That and Valium and Vodka.

Tonight there was 6 of us in my uncles room. He isn't responding to us much now. So people were starting to be sober with the hurt. The pain. The anguish. I had to lighten the mood.

My uncle is set up in a private room at the VA. This is actually because when he was in a shared room, the other man, god bless the old fart.. was having to hear my loud ass family. And trust.. These fuckers can get loud. And I am not sure he liked the word cunt. Than again, he may have. I never really asked him.

The room has a long couch and a couple chairs in it. Sitting in front of the couch over to the edge is a protable commode. 2 of my aunts and a cousin were on the long couch... another in a chair.

They were having a conversation about something or another and it was just getting too serious and sad...

I stood up very nonchalant walked over to the commode. I lifted the lid and acted as if I was looking in it to see if something were in it. Even though my uncle can not use the restroom anymore, let alone even get out of the bed. One of my Aunts looked at me like I was crazy for opening it up and looking in it. But they carried on with their conversation.

After lifting the lid up. I turned around. I unbuttoned my pants.. and started to pull my pants down..

My butt crack was exposed and since the commode was right in front of the corner of the couch.. they all got to see the crack. I started to do the whole action of pulling your pants down while going in for the squat on the commode

My aunt squealed
"MATTHEWWWWWWW What are you doinggggggggg?"

I said "I need to take a real big shit"

My other aunt


My Cousin...

"Ummm are you all really surprised"

Then they all started laughing. I wont forget the look of horror on my Aunts face when she thought I was really going to take a shit right there in the commode in front of all of them. We all had a good laugh. The mood was lightened.

Nothing I do surprises my family anymore... They know I am crazy enough that I might just take a crap right in front of them!

I sure do love my family. I have been blessed. I may not come from the wealthiest of families, but I sure do come from a family of love and laughter.



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