Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gather Around

Cold Basements

Why we were out on a Tuesday is beyond me, but me and a friend met up to have a few drinks and just shoot the shit. There wasn't anything really going on and the bar had maybe a total of 20 people in it. We just wanted to get out of house and hang, so the crowd wasn't really a big deal.

As we are sitting there sipping our cocktails and talking about whats going on with work, projects, and latest tricks I get a text message.

"R u in the city?"

The name in my phone book is simply "Hot Fuck." We had never actually fucked.. just messed around, but he was hot as shit so the name seemed to fit him well. This text only meant one thing. He wanted to get off and I was just the person to help him. I text back...

"Yes, but I am hanging out with my friend right now."

I was a little disappointed, but I wasn't going to leave my friend hanging since there wasn't anyone out. Even though I really wanted to go over and swap blow jobs with the fuck. I just knew it wasn't gonna happen. Then another text message rolls in..

"he cute?"

I have some good looking friends, and this night I just happen to be hanging out with one them. Not really my type, but still attractive non the less. So I text back..


He text back rather quickly..

"Bring him, lets have some fun"

At this point my friend ask me "Who the hell are you texting?" At this point I told him about the night I hooked up with this dude and how fucking hot his body was and like the total package in the looks department. So I showed him the text that guy just sent. "Well what are you waiting for, lets go!" I was unsure of this, because like I said.. though my friend is attractive he isn't my type - so doing a threesome or anything of that nature with him just wasn't what I wanted to do. My friend though, well he is a peristant bastard.. As he is trying to talk me into this.. Another text rolls in.


I decided.. fuck it..who cares.. we can just fuck around with this guy and not touch each other. I have done the multiple thing where I didn't touch everyone involved. It can be done. So I text him back.


I was telling my friend I really didn't know if I wanted to do this. But I would think about it for a minute. He kept saying shut up and just do it!! Hot fuck text..

"45 Mins - I may have some1 else coming
that WE can play with"

Ok. Now this was when I was really unsure of it all. He wanted to bring in some random person.. plus me bring my friend. This was just getting to be a bit much for me. My friend though. Well. That bastard... that just made him want to do it more. He was urging me to go. To do it! He wanted to see this guy. Plus, he says. "If the other guy is nasty we can just walk out." Then a text message comes in...

"Hey, just got in the city, where are you im going
to meet up with you guys."

It wasn't the hot fuck. It was another friend who said he might possibly show up to hang out after work. I guess he decided to make it after all. I told my friend I was with.. (which we will call him friend A from this point on) Well now friend B is coming so we can't do it. Friend A said FUCK That. He can wait awhile since the hot fuck was in walking distance of the bar.

Friend B comes trotting along and has drink in hand. He ask what we would been doing yada yada small talk. Then another text message comes.

"The guy is coming, be here in 30 mins"

At this point I am feeling good from all the vodka I have had and now I am officially horny. I have decided that we are going to ditch friend B for a short time so we can run over.. mess around and than we would go back to the bar. We told friend B about it.. and he said... "what about me?" Oh hell no. I did NOT want to text this guy and ask if ANOTHER person could come. This was getting out of hand.

Then I came up with a plan. I said we would get there 5 or 10 minutes early. I would send friend B down first and we would act like he was the internet fuck the hot fuck had rounded up. We would get it all in gear before that guy showed up and he would be left hanging. Me and Friend A would than enter the picture a couple minutes after friend B was in the door. The plan was to meet this guy in the basement of his apartment complex that was used as a storage room.

I was feeling un easy about this all.. but whatever. I wondered though. How was I going to be able to avoid touching two of my friends now in what is turning into a orgy like scenario. The time was fastly approaching. We all took a shot.. then headed out of the bar to the fucks place. We were just one block away when a text came in....

"The guy is here, when you b here?"

Well mother fucker. The plan was ruined. NOW WHAT? At that point I said fuck it. We will just march down with the extra person and if he doesn't like it he can tell us to leave.

Also the plan was for friend A to walk in first. since he didnt know the guy. If the internet random fuck was not attractive.. he was going to turn around and we were all going to leave. As friend A peered around some boxes.. he sees both guys and waves me and friend B to come on down all the way.

"Damn, you brought a whole posse with you" The hot fuck said. "yeah" was the only thing I coul mutter. Now.. I look over to see this internet fuck. He was alright.. nothing horrible.. but let me tell ya.. nothing that great either.

The hot fuck leads us into this second room in the basement.. it was all completely cement. The unfinished part of the basement. A slight stinch of mildew and quite drafty, since this was in the winter time. My first thought. Fuck I have a problem getting erections when I am cold. Plus being nervous. Plus my friends are here.

The hot fuck than pulls down his pants to reveal his nice cock and begins masturbating it in front of all of us. The internet fuck then yanks down his drawers and grasp his very meaty cock and starts stroking every last inch of it. Friend B follows suite.. Then friend A.. Then me. But I couldnt get hard. I tried like hell, but it just was not happening.

Then we all sort of move in closer in this little circle. Friend A goes behing the hot fuck.. gets down on his knees and start eating his asshole out. That sort of turned me on, but still I couldnt get hard. Hot fuck than says to friend B "Suck his dick" Refering to the internet fuck. So he began doing it. Than somehow.. and I can NOT recall exactly but I ended up with friend B's dick in my mouth. Which he is a hottie so that is fine... but I don't suck my friends dicks.. it just sort of happened. I still could not get hard. Even with a fat dick in my mouth!

I quit knawing on his susage and stood up. Closing my eyes tight and focusing on getting myself hard. It just wasnt working! FUCK! I was not going to let anyone try to suck me hard either. I just knew with my ass being so cold it wasnt gonna happen.

The hot fuck than shoved friend B down to his knees to suck the internets cock once again. Than everyone was standing there jacking off the site of this. Internet fuck was about to cum.. this in turn made the other 3 get off too... Friend B was still on his knees.. The internet fuck came all over his face.. next thing you know Friend A and Hot fuck were all squirting their loads all over friend B! Oh dear lord. I pretended like I came.. but shit.. it just wasn't happening.

After everyone came. The hot fuck handed everyone some paper towels. After clean up.. we said "See ya" and headed out the door! The interenet fuck asked for Friend B's number. He gave him the wrong one!

We left that apartment.. with a story. We laughed about it. It was more funny to us than sexual. It was just odd. The whole thing. The three of us went back to the bar.. and got even more drunk. That way we could use the excuse that it happened because we were fucked up!

Now you wonder why I wrote this? Well.. Just to say.. if this ever happens to you.... when a fuck ask you if your friends are cute. Tell him


It can make for an odd situation.. and you may not be the one that gets off when EVERYONE else does!

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