Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This will be OLD news to some of you. To some it will not be.

Many many years ago.. well 10 of them.. when I was like 21 I was watching this episode of Oprah, yea I was down with that choco taco back in the day, and the episode she was airing was on FOUND MONEY.

It really isn't found money. It's money owed to millions of Americans, people that have no idea they have money sitting around in their states "lock box".

I periodically check to see if myself, or people I know are listed. I was telling my brother in-law about it a few weeks ago.

He jumped on.. Checked his name.. and low and behold.. he his name popped up. Come to find out when he was 18 ... which was 17 years ago.. he did NOT pick up his last check from a job that he had quit. The money has been sitting in the bank growing interest for the state all this time. He filled out the claim and a check for 245.00 came. Easy as that.

I haven't been lucky enough. I guess I make sure I get all my money or know about it at all times.

I searched my dads name.. he popped up.. I told him.. he did a claim and he got a check for 50 bucks. He had a security deposit on his electricity bill 20 years ago that he never claimed.

This money can come from all sorts of places. Past jobs, deposits, bank accounts you forgot about, stocks or bonds you had but also forgot about... life insurance policies.. and the list goes on and on....

When you are owed money and you don't receive it.. it has to go somewhere. So the state gets it. They put it in the bank.. draw interest on it and wait for you to claim it.

Now.. all you have to do is go to..

Click on your state. Some of them are easier to find where you type in your name.. just look for something that says unclaimed money.

BY the way these are ACTUAL State ran websites as you will see when you click on your state.

Some states will actually tell you how much you have coming to you, but most do not.

Also -- if you have deceased parents or grandparents.. be sure to check their names. You can put anyones name in.

If you have lived in different states.. try all the states you have resided.

Alright everyone... GOOD LUCK! I hope you find some lost money!

This is your treasure hunt.. Now find that pot of Gold.

PS - Let me know if you find some riches.. or if you found any family members who have money!

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