Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Legalizing Pot


Have you all heard? I can't believe this. They have actually legalized the sale and use of marijuana. The new law will take effect early next month.

Marlboro has already released a statement saying that they will be pushing their new Marijuana Cigarettes to the public when the bill passes on Monday, May 3rd, 2009.

This new law really isn't going do much for me. I hate pot. The shit makes me sick as a dog. (See my POT BROWNIES blog for details)

I am pretty excited that they made it legal though. It means we are one step closer to the legalization of something that will benefit me much better than this crap marijuana that so many people love...

Crack Cocaine!

I know. You may be shocked. Seriously did you think I was this fucking crazy without the help of something. I Matthew Kansas am a CRACK HEAD...

That fucking bitch Whitney Houston didn't know what the fuck she was talking about when she said Crack is Whack...

I am here to tell you.. Crack is....

I am so tired of the excuses that crack cocaine is harmful and can kill you. Come on people. Alcohol, Cigarettes, Food, and Anything else in the world can kill you. It's not like Crack is the only thing. Why should it get such a bad wrap.

I have heard all the downsides to why it shouldn't be legal and I am sick of it so I want to tell you why it should be legalized.


Isn't this land suppose to be of the free? How dare this government prevent us from getting cracked out like this. The laws set forth to keep others safe due to the use of drugs is ABSURD! Seriously, If I want to hit my pipe in the privacy of my home or the drive thru of Popeye's chicken I should have that right. We should not prohibit anything that is made from products we can easily obtain. THIS IS AMERICA!!!!!

Medical Use

Almost 2 years ago I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. My femur was crushed and two rods were inserted into my leg (true story). Now from time to time my leg becomes very sore. Pain medications really do NOTHING for it. It's quite an odd pain. When I toke it up on my crack pipe. The pain disappears. I am able to run a marathon on the shit, once I am cracked out of my fucking mind. I become a new and healthy individual. Shit. I even forget I was ever hit by a car in the first place. This in itself goes to show the medical benefits of crack. It erases away the pain.*PtyYfi7heUN9jmQ0G*Vc7WNyE8KIXuUeIvyUMfn/indexMedical.jpg

Government Spending

Millions and Millions of our tax dollars are spent on the enforcement of keeping the wonderful use of crack to a minimum. Just so the damn pigs can take our fucking shit and smoke it their damn selves. So we are paying for our protectors to get cracked out without us. If we were to legalize these precious white rocks we would save so much in government spending. Also, we will free up a lot of space at the prisons when we release all drug related charges and get these model citizens back on the streets!


Think of all the jobs this is going to create. Every trailer park in America can now become a business venture. They can set up little meth labs in their bathrooms and kitchens. No longer will it be secluded to just the farms of Kansas. All states can start to profit from this. Then the makers can pull an AMISH tradition and sale their wares to local shops. Who then can sell it to you. This means more opportunity for everyone! There will also be a tax on crack cocaine much like on cigarettes that will boost tax dollars!

Also one more thing. This will cause an increase for many more dentist in America. A high paying job that thanks to the affects of Crack, will bring!

These are just a few reasons why we should legalize Crack mother fucking Cocaine! There are far to many benefits to let this go on being illegal. What is wrong with people. Wake up and smell the basin!!

Another thing that I didn't mention. Crack is a drug of productivity. When someone is on that shit they are non fucking stop. VS Pot where they move at a much slower pace and do not get as much done. So crack is much better for this fast paced world we live in.


My point is this. Drugs are illegal for a reason. We can use all the same reasoning everyone uses for Marijuana to try to legalize any drug. I understand that pot is the least of the drugs to worry about. This to me doesn't matter.

I grew up around the shit. My mom was a pot dealer. It is not the life to live. I
don't care what anyone says. Pot is NOT beneficial to a productive life.

With all this being said though. I really do NOT give a fuck if it is legalized or not. No matter how stupid I think it is, I have the choice not to do it. Same with smoking and drinking and riding a bicycle for that matter. None of them are safer then the next. They all can put your life and health at risk.

I would prefer it to stay illegal, but if it is legalized I am not going to bitch and moan. Just be ready for the crack heads to move in and want their rights too.

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