Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When Fucks..

When Fucks Collide
(names have been changed to protect my whoryness)

John and I were standing by the bar last night having a drink. Vodka and Cran for me of course. While we were chatting I was also giving the one over of the bar to see who was all -- out and about whoring their pussies. I seen someone over to the right of the bar. A familiar face. It was Gordon. A guy that awhile back I had a somewhat of a relationship with. Relationship meaning we used to go to dinner and fuck every now and then. Just a casual fuck friend if you will. We have seen each other out after we stopped slutting together and always say hi with a friendly hug. Then we go on our way. And from time to time.. well when drunk we leave and fuck. Well last night I excused myself from my conversation with John to go say my hi to Gordon.

I walked up, he smiled, and we hugged. We did a couple of seconds of catching up and then up walks a guy that hands him a drink. Gordon immediately introduces me to his date Heith. "Hi Heith, how have you been?" I asked. He gives me a hug also and says "Pretty good." I then took this chance to tell them that it was good seeing them, but I really need to get to the restroom before I pissed my pants. I left and went to another bar!

You see. Heith and I .. well we fucked. By the way. Heith has a little dick. Poor guy. No biggie though, his looks will get him laid so his cock size really isn't a big deal. Plus he is a BIG O BOTTOM - That means his dick isn't for anything other then an ornament and we all know when we buy an ornament size really doesn't matter.

I just didn't know what to do or say. I sure the hell didn't want Gordon to ask me how we knew each other. I decided to dodge that situation and let him ask Heith where we knew each other from. I wonder how their conversation went after I got the hell outta there.

Gordon.. "So how do you know Matt?"

Heith.." Oh we got drunk one night and he punched my kitty sooo fucking hard with his massive cock" He then ask "So how do you know Matt?"

Gordon " Well he didn't pound the shit out of me, but he did dick me real good, many times over"

Yeah - I am imagine the conversation didn't go exactly like that.. I am sure it was pretty close though.

This truly is one sucky thing about having sex when your gay. Everyone you have slept with knows someone you know. In many cases you have slept with your friends ex boyfriend before they even dated. People say this goes to show that gays are slutty. Well not really. It goes to show that we are a close group of people. We all congregate in many of the same places so it's just going to happen. I hear NY is one place this actually rare. Though in any other city its basically the same.

Oh well -- Maybe I should have stuck around. I might have got a threesome out of the deal. 2 holes for my one 1 cock -- sounds good to me.

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