Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Speak English You Fuck.

How many times have you seen signs like this?
Have heard someone say a similar phrase?

If you ask me.. This is pretty harsh. But even with me saying its pretty harsh I also agree to an extent. I am not going to get into all the logistics of it, not this time around.. Here is why I feel that if immigrants want to come and live in the United States they must be made to speak English.....

American is a great country because of one thing, something we all have and use, something we can raise our voices to...


Even still to this day we have to use communication to keep this country great.. to keep the peace.. and to understand one another. And I don't just mean understand in the way of actually knowing what they are saying.

I will say one thing about all of this. I think it is very rude when people are in an area that speak English and they are being extremely loud in their foreign tongue. If you don't want people to know what you are saying.. then you need to keep it down because we don't want to fucking hear you at all.

Some people take it to far though. When it comes to the signs up above. Seriously.. do we still forget that we are in a country of many different types of people? Do we forget that being diverse is also what makes this country great?

ENGLISH! It should always and forever remain our first language. It is what his country was founded on. But! And a big BUT here. We need a second MANDATORY Language.

What language is that you ask?


That is right. To all you dumb mother fucking bitches out there that cry and mope about people needing to speak English or GET THE FUCK out.. because you can't understand them. WELL SERIOUSLY... FUCK YOU.

There are Thousands upon thousands of people who are deaf that have NO CHOICE other then to use sign language, as their FIRST and only language. They were BORN in America. They are 100% native to this land. Why the hell are you allowed to be here and NOT know their language? Explain this to me. How about you learn sign language or GET THE FUCK OUT!

Sorry to come off so harsh here. I just think it's absurd that people don't THINK about things like this.

In all honesty, all bitching aside.. I do honestly feel that sign language should become America's 2nd Language. I feel that when children are being taught words, they should be taught signs also. That mandatory curriculum at schools should include signing.

No I do not know sign language. I wish that I would had been taught when I was in school. When my young fresh mind picked up on things like that so much easier. I can't sit here and act like I do. Regardless it doesn't change my feelings on the situation.

These people are Americans. They should be able to communicate with us in a simple manner. And do not give me that horseshit they can write it down. Sometimes that isnt even possible with their hand writing.

This is something I strongly feel about.. I honestly think this needs to be implicated. I hope that one day it is.

For those of you that disagree with me on this....

I want to share with you some sign language my grandma taught me long ago..

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