Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wanna see a cunt?


No - Not this cunt...

vagina-illustration.jpg (300×300)

this CUNT...

There it is.

I got an email from this guy after a blog I did about MY sex life that really does not pertain to HIM or GAYS in general.

And this was the response I got from him VIA Email.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Zacariah
To: Matt Kansas
Date: Jul 13, 2009 11:45 PM

You're fucking sick.
You're the reason why the gay community has such a bad name for being whores.
Go die of AIDS faggot.

MY BLOGS! ME! MATTHEW KANSAS has the POWER. I have the power to make people think so horrible of gay people. Because I wrote a blog(s) about my sex life. So therefore because i wrote about my personal life and exposed how I have done some crazy things sexually; I should die of AIDS.

I try to make this clear MANY times over. I DO NOT REPRESENT the GAY COMMUNITY. I represent myself. Have any of you on here heard me speak for what GAYS want? What GAYS do? No. You have heard me speak of ME and what I DO and what I feel is right for ME!

ATTENTION .. Just because I am gay.. that has no bearing on the gay community when I partake in a god damn circle jerk.

That is saying that ALL BLACKS are murderes because a black person murders. That is like saying all Asians have tight pussies. That is like saying ALL IDIOTS HAVE NOSES THE SIZE OF MOST PEOPLES FACES*Wink*Wink*

Get the drift here you stupid piece of shit?

I hate to break it to you but every person gives theirselves a bad name/reputation. Do you understand that the people who are AGAINST gays and what they feel give them a bad name has NOTHING to do with them having sex. It has to do with something that you seem to have a lot of and that is IGNORANCE.

Let me explain something to ya.. I was a virgin until I was 21 years old. I have had several long term realtionships where I never cheated. Than one day when I was single.. I said what does it matter? Why not just have fun with it.. while I am single.. as long as I am being safe I don't see the problem...

This prick claims he has morals.. well to me morals does not include wishing Aids on people.... You tell me. How MORAL IS THAT?

Oh yes.. he thinks that all gays that partake in orgies... threesomes.. one night stand or anything but a commited relationship should die of AIDS. That way good wholesome gays like himself can build a better reputation for the gay community.....

Let me share his two emails with you all...

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Zacariah
To: Matt Kansas
Date: Jul 14, 2009 2:48 PM

Usually people wouldn't make fucking blogs about having numerous sexual encounters.
The only people that would, would be nasty STD fags that do nothing but spread AIDS.
A piece of advice i would aim towards your way is to stop being such a fucking whore. Its very easy to tell the fags that live for sick orgy sex and who die of an STD.
& while im waiting being a "little man" i'll look in the obituaries unders faggots that died that people could care less about.

I have no compassion for STD faggots dying. They have it coming for themselfs. & i believe they all should die out sooner so the gay community can have a chance in rebuilding its reputation, because the reputation fags like you give to it is someting to be ashamed of.
Its not appealing to talk about how big of a slut you are. It just proves how unclassy and down right dirty of a person you are.
I would of thought you would of learned that as a general rule, but obviously some are slower at catching things than others.

3rd email ---

---------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Zacariah
To: Matt Kansas
Date: Jul 14, 2009 5:07 PM

Actually its because of fags that odon't keep their legs closed to any guy with dick.
I guess in my case, i actually have morals i follow by. & i have absolutely no intenion being of obtaining an STD and posting ridicuclous blogs about it. Im classy snd know having sex all the time is nothing i would be pround of.
I bet you can'r even count the amount of guys you have had sex with, which is common among the whores of the gay community.

& Growing out my hair real pretty while carrying a manbag has nothingto do with me,because the simply fact is i don't act like a queen. How ever, i am the HBIC, and everyoe knows me love me dear.
Im usually always right, and neverm ake mistakes. I just esd gifted you couls say.

Why don't you go to a brothel? It really wouldso you wouldn't have to work to get a gay slut.
You nee to make some seriously life changes, or it will lterally kill you. It's a shame you live you live they way you do.

Honeyfuck, i give the gay community a good repution by not being being a whore that sleeps with everyone. I also im not a sex addict like STD hoes. For me, i stick to what i kow what is right and never comprise we i feel about gay hook ups. NASTY! ..

Sweatheart, i know realize what you going. & it digust me.
Thats why i woudn't be wasting my time on this if i strongly feel felt about.

PS- I know I am not the worlds best with grammar.. but you really need some help buddy!

I will say it again! It is not people that are more sexually active than others that cause gays to have a bad name... its people with fucked up attitudes much like yours. Its called being a JUDGEMENTAL DOUCHE BAG. Someone who thinks THEIR way of thinking is the ONLY way.

I know there are some things that I have done in the past and will probably do in the furture that people may look down on as a little bit trashy. But guess what.. I can HIDE it and act like it didn't happen.. basically what this retarded punk does or will be doing in the future. I can GURANTEE you that at some point he will do things that are against his present "morals" and wishing AIDS on someone is almost a one way ticket to.... Well you get the point.

And if you want to really talk about why gays are able to be perceived at a little more slutty.. well you might want to blame the bigots for that. They promote the shit by not supporting gay marriage. So I could give a FUCK LESS what the people who hate gays think anyways.

I do catch a lot of shit.. And most the time I let it go.. but when this stupid fuckerwants to say that anyone that has AIDS deserves it and need to die.. I think that was pushing it just a little bit to far.

I think this ignorant twat needs to realize that gays aren't the only ones doing these sort of things. But IGNORANCE is Bliss..and this son of a bitch is as blissful as they CUM.

PS- Just a side note to the CUNT .. I am sure when age catches up with me and I look like a pile of shit much like yourself I will understand what its like to have a problem getting laid and will be pissed also that everyone else gets it but me.. and at that point I will be the Moral police with you.

So anyways.. PISS OFF.. You stupid fuck.

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