Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Help A Bitch Out.

For some reason after I talk with someone on AIM they don't want to meet me anymore. I can't figure out why. I will let you all examine a couple conversations I had with this guy and you tell me what I am doing wrong.

He is in blue.. I am in red -- I removed the main part of our names. By the way he starts off calling me Derrick because I made a joke saying I couldnt remember his name.. and he said STFU Derrick.. Thinking he was funny....

hp [11:24 A.M.]: Derrick!
17 [11:24 A.M.]: Hey Markus
17 [11:24 A.M.]: whats up
hp [11:24 A.M.]: hahahha did you think that was funny
17 [11:24 A.M.]: oh yeah real fucking funny you son of a bitch
417 [11:24 A.M.]: your a lousy internet life partner!
ashp [11:24 A.M.]: hahahahahhhaha
shp [11:25 A.M.]: you're hilarious
shp [11:25 A.M.]: i AM your internet life partner!!
417 [11:25 A.M.]: well until you called me Dereick
7 [11:25 A.M.]: after that I decided to leave you and take half your bandwidth!
shp [11:26 A.M.]: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
417 [11:26 A.M.]: now -- what do you want?
shp [11:26 A.M.]: your ass
17 [11:26 A.M.]: are you trying to woooo me back?
7 [11:26 A.M.]: cause its not working so far
17 [11:26 A.M.]: you need to try harder
hashp [11:27 A.M.]: hahahah
hp [11:27 A.M.]: ok whats your address
17 [11:27 A.M.]: well you can have my ass but the only thing you are going to do with it is use it as a tongue cozie
ashp [11:27 A.M.]: LOL!
417 [11:27 A.M.]: my address?? *****
shp [11:27 A.M.]: oh no no
shp [11:27 A.M.]: not THAT one
17 [11:27 A.M.]: lol
9417 [11:28 A.M.]: i knew what u meant u shit! lol
417 [11:28 A.M.]: i mad at you anways
17 [11:28 A.M.]: u said to come cuddle and i drove all the way there and you didnt answer the door
9417 [11:28 A.M.]: so im over it
hashp [11:29 A.M.]: hahahahahahah
ashp [11:29 A.M.]: awwww
417 [11:30 A.M.]: oh laugh
417 [11:31 A.M.]: but is how i see it is you owe me 2.13 cents for gas
shp [11:31 A.M.]: HAHAHAHAHAAH
417 [11:31 A.M.]: so laugh all you want but i want my mother fucking bitch
ashp [11:31 A.M.]: how about 20 licks on your asshole
17 [11:31 A.M.]: please.. we are talking about 2.13 cents ..that is is atleast worth an hour of eating ass
hp [11:31 A.M.]: HAHAHAH yesh riiiiiight
417 [11:32 A.M.]: the economy is in the shit hole... 2.13 is a fortune now days
7 [11:32 A.M.]: get with the times you fuck
p [11:32 A.M.]: hahahaha
hp [11:32 A.M.]: now you're trying to fuck me? :-)
7 [11:32 A.M.]: twice at that!
signed off at 11:32 A.M.
signed on at 11:47 A.M.
hp [1:02 P.M.]: ok, bend over.
417 [1:02 P.M.]: i didnt drop anything
17 [1:02 P.M.]: so no need
shp [1:02 P.M.]: haha
p [1:02 P.M.]: you dropped the SOAP
17 [1:02 P.M.]: nah -- i havent showered in 4 weeks
hp [1:02 P.M.]: yummmm
17 [1:02 P.M.]: so no soap dropping
hp [1:03 P.M.]: you want your ass licked?
hp [1:03 P.M.]: then bend over!
17 [1:03 P.M.]: i know.. im trying to get my ass all fermenting for you
p [1:03 P.M.]: HAHAHHAAHA
[1:03 P.M.]: to point where a beer will fall out though?
417 [1:03 P.M.]: im working on a keg
9417 [1:03 P.M.]: i know your a drunk
417 [1:03 P.M.]: so only the best for you
shp [1:03 P.M.]: HAHAHAHAH
ashp [1:03 P.M.]: awww
ashp [1:03 P.M.]: thank you
shp [1:04 P.M.]: can you add a hint of lager to it?
417 [1:04 P.M.]: nah -- but we can squeeze a lime up there if ya want
17 [1:06 P.M.]: will that work for you stud?
shp signed off at 3:30 P.M.
shp signed on at 5:31 P.M.
shp signed off at 5:43 P.M.
17 [5:47 P.M.]: you jump off and on the internet almost as much as if it were a cock
hp signed on at 6:01 P.M.
shp [6:46 P.M.]: heffer
417 [7:03 P.M.]: awww
9417 [7:03 P.M.]: you say the sweetest things to me
417 [7:03 P.M.]: I am suprised I am not madly in love with you yet from all the nice things you say to me.

Another conversastion

shp [11:34 P.M.]: ugh im horny
[11:34 P.M.]: awwww
p [11:34 P.M.]: i know
17 [11:34 P.M.]: do you want me to talk dirty to you, while you stroke your little dick?
shp [11:35 P.M.]: lol no
shp [11:35 P.M.]: i was just venting to you as a friend
hp [11:35 P.M.]: JERK!
17 [11:35 P.M.]: well so
417 [11:36 P.M.]: the only thing you should be venting is your lips around my cock
shp [11:36 P.M.]: haha im about to come over
hp [11:36 P.M.]: im hooooorny
17 [11:36 P.M.]: i dont want to clean my bedroom
shp [11:36 P.M.]: haha